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The Film Jackets

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Lakeville , Minnesota , US

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daniel k. (Verified Buyer - Switzerland)
Giancarlo C. (Verified Buyer - Italy)
The XL size of the jackets is perfect for the shoulders but is very wide at the waist. Is it possible to specify the two measures (shoulders and waist) maybe with a surcharge compared to the sale price?
Thank you
Giancarlo C. (Verified Buyer - Italy)
Gregory S. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Jacket to small requested instructions for return for lager size none sent just want larger jacket not refund
Stefan H. (Verified Buyer - Switzerland)
Kjell E. (Verified Buyer - Sweden)
I bought this jacket because my real biker jacket (with double zips) from 1976 doesn't fit me anymore. I now weigh 120 kg instead of 60 kg...
Erinn B. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Dan K. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Restocking fee is absurd
Kjell E. (Verified Buyer - Sweden)
Too small. Certainly not a biker jacket, because it is too weak and there are no pockets to put protection in. I bought it because of the double zipper. I have a motorcycle jacket from 1976, in goat skin and with double zippers. That jacket however, is very small these days. I have not communicated with customer support. I sent the red jacket to my brother, whom the jacket fits perfectly. He is very happy with the long arms. I noticed that too.
Rob v. (Verified Buyer - Netherlands)
Hassane J. (Verified Buyer - Morocco)
Thank you very much for this jacket
Brian B. (Verified Buyer - United States)
I had the jacket for less than a week and the viscose lining at the arms has torn away and left holes in both the left and right arms. very disappointing. The exterior leather seems to be fine but the lining is inferior and poorly manufactured.
Mohammad N. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Joe W. (Verified Buyer - United States)
steven d. (Verified Buyer - United States)
The jacket was a little too big. When I try to contact the customer service several times for a exchange, never got a single response. Besides that everything else was fine.
John C. (Verified Buyer - Australia)
Awesome job shall be ordering a few more jackets from you in the future.
Robert W. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Thomas P. (Verified Buyer - France)
The waist is too large for me, handles are ok.
Marius V. (Verified Buyer - South Africa)
Very impressed with the service, delivery speed and quality
I will definitely buy from you again
Ed M. (Verified Buyer - US)
Tamás B. (Verified Buyer - Hungary)
Jorge C. (Verified Buyer - US)
Try to be a bit more accurate on the delivery time.
Taruna S. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Robert S. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Services was fast love my jacket.
Ernest B. (Verified Buyer - United States)
How was good I think the product was pretty cool
Pablo F. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Edward W. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Ab S. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Diane T. (Verified Buyer - United States)
CaDarryl w. (Verified Buyer - United States)
Jean B. (Verified Buyer - Canada)
Did not like product. But was very satisfied with the customer service. I was able to return the coat for a full refund.
Facebook Fans (Verified: 05/22/2018)